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Our Enterprise AI Capabilities

High Performance

Take advantage of our scalable big data technologies. Compute complete datasets without infrastructure limitations. Quickly build and run models with best-in-class parameter optimization. And use the best, most advanced machine learning algorithms to overcome difficult or unresolved problems and test new ideas.


Fully automate tedious and time-consuming model development processes from data acquisition and preprocessing to feature engineering and labeling of your data. Compare models of different algorithms or parameter settings and instantly deploy champion models in data-rich ecosystems.


Govern models as managed assets. Standardize and centralize data science activities. React instantly by retraining models when performance degrades. Know the status of all of your models at all times. Provide an audit trail for model development, model retraining, and model management.

AI Solutions for all Industries

Customer Intelligence

Know your customers better than ever. Maximize customer experience. Increase customer lifetime value.

Marketing Analytics

Understand and optimize customer journeys. Boost marketing response rates. Minimize misdirected communication.

Fraud Detection

Understand and identify unusual or suspect activity in your data. Detect and prevent illegal transactions. Proactively mitigate loss.

Risk Analytics

Assess risks in real-time. Understand the drivers that cause default. Predict the likelihood of future default and individualize risk decisions.

Cognitive Analytics

Augment human intelligence by combining natural language processing, text mining, image processing, and deep machine learning.

Network & Graph Analytics

Explore your network data visually and interactively. Detect underlying patterns and structures of the network and calculate structural properties.

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