Editions & Features

We have the right licensing model for every company size
AI as a ServiceWe run everything for you

Start & go
100% Self Service
No IT operating costs
No feature usage limits
Up to 10 users

Starting at 459 € / month
InstallationBring-your-own-Cloud or On-Premise

Installed on your infrastructure
Completely customizable
Unlimited scalability
Access to all functionalities and custom extensions
Unlimited users

No limits on resources and users

Our Editions at a Glance

The right plan for every organization
Sfor single usersStarter Package

1 user only
Data Management
AI & ML Algorithms
Self Service Dashboard
Scheduling Services

Mfor small teams

Everything in S Edition +

10 users included
AI Governance
Role-based Access Control

Lfor large teams at enterprise scaleEverything in M Edition +

20 users included
Realtime ML & AI
Unlimited access to all Enterprise Functionalities

Editions & Features

All editions and features in detail
Notebook Environment (AI Workbench)
Solution Notebooks & Recipes
Self Service Dashboards
Guided Analytics & AI Apps
50+ Built-in Charts & Dashboards
Python, Spark & PySpark Processing Engine
Fully managed Package & Container Registry
Data Management
Number of Data Sources *1510
Data Preprocessing
Feature Engineering
Data Labeling
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Programmatic ML & AI
No-Code ML & AI
Multi-Language ML & AI Engines
Kubernetes-based Spark Engine
Custom embeddable Algorithms
Model Management & AutoML
Number of Managed Models *1510
AutoML & Model Tuning
Model Monitoring
Model Performance KPIs
Explainable AI
Model Versioning
DataOps & Scheduling Services
Cloud-native Job Orchestration
Realtime Model API
Team & Collaboration
Number of Users *11020
Git Integration
AI Governance
Multi-stage Model Release Management
Security & Access Control
SSO Support
LDAP Support
Role- & Group-based Access
Secure API Acccess
Kubernetes Infrastructure
Audit Trails & Logging
Performance & Computation Metrics
GPU Support
* Upgrading within the plan is possible at any time - feel free to contact us.