AI Solutions for all Industries

Our AI solutions combine the flexibility of modular services with the convenience of an Enterprise AI Platform. Benefit from ready-to-use solutions or create your own personalized solution.

Customer Intelligence
Know your customers better than ever. Maximize customer experience. Increase customer lifetime value.

AltaSigma delivers valuable customer insights that are fueled by data from every touch point and relevant data source, including opinions and intentions customers express in forums or on social networks. We provide a broad range of analytics automation & model management services to help you build and deploy customer intelligence applications quickly and easily. We provide comprehensive capabilities, like:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Cross-sell / Upsell
  • Next Best Activity
  • Uplift Modeling
  • Customer Churn
  • Customer Lifetime Value

The creation and maintenance of these models has never been easier. All models capture customer behavior in detail and deliver individualized decisions at the speed of interaction.

Marketing Analytics
Understand and optimize customer journeys. Boost marketing response rates. Minimize misdirected communication.

Marketing analytics gathers data from across all marketing channels and tells you how your marketing initiatives are really performing. AltaSigma takes into account the whole marketing picture and removes marketing silos to better understand the complete customer journey. As a result you will make smarter product offer decisions that greatly improve overall propensity to respond. In a constant process of testing and learning you will understand what was working and what was not, by

  • Understanding past and present to identify channel deficiencies
  • Adjusting marketing strategies and tactics as needed
  • Optimizing marketing efforts, investments and processes

By aligning your channels with the customer journey and analyzing individual as well as overall performance, AltaSigma helps you to deliver the right offer through the right communication channel to the right customer at the right time.

Fraud Detection
Understand and identify unusual or suspect activity in your data. Detect and prevent illegal transactions. Proactively mitigate loss.

Fraud is pervasive, invasive and harms customers, merchants and institutions alike. Since fraud attacks never stop actually criminals are permanently creating new fraud types it is mission critical to detect new hidden patterns of unusual or suspect activity in your data. AltaSigma provides a blended analytic approach that uses sophisticated analytic techniques for greater accuracy and better detection performance. Superior detection methods help you to

  • Take the opportunity to proactively stop fraud
  • Reduce fraud losses and enhance the customer experience
  • Prepare for new fraud patterns
  • Stop fraud before it starts in real-time

AltaSigma identifies and monitors complex behavioural patterns and suspicious associations among customers, accounts or other entities to decrease fraud and abuse, detect and prevent anomalous transactions, and help you respond proactively to mitigate loss.

Risk Analytics
Assess risks in real-time. Understand the drivers that cause default. Predict the likelihood of future default and individualize risk decisions.

Increasing regulatory pressures and a shifting competitive landscape will drive organizations to assess and control risk accurately for both new customers and within existing customer portfolios by understanding the specific risk characteristics that lead to delinquency, default and bad debt. AltaSigma helps you to build, validate and deploy better risk models using advanced predictive analytics capabilities for individualized, fine-tuned, and always up-to-date risk decisions.

  • Process data in an autopilot mode for both feature and target engineering
  • Display of feature dependencies
  • Scorecard methodology for all types of customer lending services
  • Easy interpretability of risk decisions with reason codes
  • Embedded learning loop - automated adaption and retraining of risk models

  • Auto-Archiving of updated models to satisfy regulatory disclosures of risk decisions
  • Quick risk model deployments for analytical powered real-time applications

AltaSigma helps you build better-informed lending decisions to mitigate risk and optimize opportunities. With complete transparency into the lifecycle of every model, risk managers can more accurately manage these models and provide the necessary information for regulatory compliance.

Cognitive Analytics
Augment human intelligence by combining natural language processing, text mining, image processing, and deep machine learning.

Cognitive Analytics is innovating and evolving rapidly. To help people and machines interact in natural ways, the computer makes sense of the world around us it senses, reads, listens and sees. It provides feedback and results by speaking or writing in natural language and by directing our actions. AltaSigma offers a complete portfolio of big data and advanced analytics modules to accelerate your cognitive business.

  • Analyze unstructured data and natural language for cognitive insights including numbers, names, synonyms, features, sentiments, or defined relationships
  • Bring together data from multiple sources including structured data, text, images, audio, video and sensors
  • Prioritize insights based on enterprise specific models
  • Interact and decide in real-time based on behaviors
  • Predict behaviors, activities and trends

With AltaSigma you are able to rapidly design and deploy cognitive applications and processes that orchestrate experiences, insights and learnings. The cognitive analytics engine uses a blend of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to interpret multi-structured data sources and adapt to changing user, market, and environmental conditions while continuously adapting itself to improve with time.

Network & Graph Analytics
Explore your network data visually and interactively. Detect underlying patterns and structures of the network and calculate structural properties.

Network & Graph Analytics is a rapidly developing area of interest where a combination of graph-theoretic, statistical, and machine learning techniques are applied to model, store, retrieve, and performance analyses on graph-structured data. AltaSigma’s algorithms enable analysts to understand the topology of a network and how it changes in different conditions, find paths between pairs of entities that satisfy different constraints, identify clusters or closely interacting subgroups inside a graph, or find sub-networks that are similar to a given pattern. AltaSigma provides comprehensive capabilities to analyse networks like:

  • Path Analysis to determine shortest distances or optimal ways between entities in a network
  • Connectivity Analysis to determine weaknesses in a network and to compare network connectivity between different networks
  • Community Analysis to identify clusters of similar entities, to explore network neighborhoods and to monitor network dynamics
  • Centrality Analysis to identify relevancy and influencing objects in networks

With AltaSigma you can easily analyze very large, extremely varied data sets of network data at speed, at scale, and an openness that is required to meet real world needs. We kickstart your network analysis initiatives no matter if you want to detect financial crimes, spotting fraud, preventing crime, apply influencer analysis in social networks, identify weaknesses in power grids, water grids and transportation networks or perform route optimizations for traffic, airlines or logistics.